Uglich cheese

Uglich cheese was first introduced back in 1935. The developed variety was bred at the factory, which is still engaged in the processing of milk and oil. Unusual, versatile and healthy cheese is used to this day, as a separate snack and as part of the recipe for delicious dishes. The Russian product that can give odds to any Swiss cheese is very popular.

The main characteristics of the variety

The description and characteristics of Uglichsky, as well as its unusual taste, make it possible to use a product made in Russia in a balanced daily diet. The natural basis and well-seasoned technology guarantee the quality of the variety for decades.

A bright representative of hard cheese has a salty smack and pleasant aftertaste. The cheese mass is very tender and well absorbed even by the organisms of young children. Sourness, which is present in the cheese, leaves a spicy aftertaste and allows the use of cheese slices for tasting the most exquisite wines. A bubble (porous) structure is visible on the head section. The characteristic taste and appearance make Uglich a real find for gourmets and lovers of delicious cheese varieties.

Composition of Uglich cheese

The cheese piece is always covered with a thin dark crust, which is easy to notice when choosing cheese. A porous slice and a light aroma make it possible to distinguish Uglich from other similar products. The energy value of Uglichsky is quite large and amounts to 347 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. Increased calorie content does not allow you to eat a large amount of cheese every day.

The composition and useful properties of Uglichsky cheese are due to the balanced amount of proteins and fats. The proportion of protein in the variety is 25.8 grams, and fat - exactly 26.3 g. The absence of carbohydrates in the cheese product is especially useful for dieters. For those who are losing weight, dishes with Uglichsky are a real salvation from a tasteless, fresh daily menu. Whole factory cheese bars weigh up to 3 kilograms. The fat content of the finished product ranges from 40 to 45%.

Cooking product

It is produced on a designated base, which is fully equipped for the production of tasty and healthy cheese. Use the finished product for both adults and children. There is cheese in a rectangular shape, less often - in the form of a head (like elite varieties). Due to its balanced composition, it can be added to diet food.

The cooking technology of Uglichsky is quite simple. For the production of delicious products use only specially selected and pasteurized milk. Whole milk, as the basis of future cheese, is by no means used. The main production is located on the basis of the plant and all product quality is strictly observed. In the modern market it is difficult to find a solid fake of the Uglich variety.

Purified cheese mass is defended in cylindrical forms for 2 months. The finished product appears characteristic yellow crust, which lays evenly over the entire surface of the cheese. Properly prepared and seasoned variety has a sour, even slightly spicy taste. If the cheese mass is too hard or sweet, the Uglich cooked incorrectly and errors were made in the process. A quality product is quite soft and viscous.

The benefits and harms of the variety

The beneficial properties of the Uglich variety deserve special attention. Like any other dairy product, slices of hard cheese have their advantages and their contraindications. Cheese slices of Uglichsky are a real storehouse of vitamins that are necessary for the human body. The product contains:

  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12);
  • Vitamin A and C (useful for hair, female and male beauty);
  • Vitamin D (Vitamin "Youth").

Thanks to vitamin complexes, the frequent use of cheese mass strengthens the body of both an adult and a child. Regular intake of several slices of Uglichsky helps in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The Russian product accelerates internal metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system. The composition of the cheese includes calcium and phosphorus, which favorably affect the skeletal system of the human body.

Uglichsky is an indispensable product for people with poor eyesight, with vitamin deficiency and constant weakness. Thanks to the cheese mass, the condition of the skin, nails and hair improves. Just a few slices, eaten at lunch or dinner, will help restore the nervous system and improve the functioning of the digestive tract.


Uglichsky's contraindications, like any other cheese variety, relate to the individual characteristics of the human body. Such a variety is prohibited for people allergic to pasteurized milk.

High calorie content eliminates the daily consumption of cheese by overweight people. It is also not worth completely abandoning a delicious snack, but it is dangerous to abuse cheese dishes for losing weight.

Cooking use

What is the use of Uglich cheese in cooking? Thanks to the refined and unobtrusive taste, this type of Russian cheese can be used in any simple dish. Adults and children are happy to use it in raw chopped form. The rich taste of cheese with a nutmeg aftertaste harmonizes well with red and white wines. The brackish-sour Uglich shades the entire wine bouquet and allows you to enjoy the taste of the aged drink.

The use in cooking is very diverse. A viscous variety can be used to decorate baked dishes and in the form of decoration of hot treats. Baking with Uglichsky is especially fragrant and fragrant. The smell of the variety is another advantage of an inexpensive but healthy product. Light “sourness” adds piquancy to long-boring dishes and snacks. Pizza and salads are processed with crushed product - it replaces salty seasonings and harmful sauces. An irreplaceable and tasty variety will appeal to all family members, without exception.

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