Durex is one of the most popular brands of barrier contraceptives and related products for safe sex worldwide. Condoms, along with other intimate branded products like lubricants and gels, are manufactured by the British company SSL International.

From the past nowadays

In 2010, the brand was sold to Reckitt Benckiser for $ 3.9 billion, but this change did not affect product quality, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of satisfied customers.

The brand name comes from a few English words: Durability, Reliability, Excellence. Literally, they mean "durability, reliability, superiority." Today, the company's product range offers many diverse collections such as Play, Invisible, Intensive, Orgasmic, which some consumers simply call Orgasm or Orgasmic.

And initially the owner of the London Rubber Company, Mr. Jackson, simply implemented the hairdressing accessories and condoms in those days. The latter were import deliveries to the UK from Germany.

Business, when the world still did not know anything about series like Dual, Extase and Feeling, began with a tiny shop that huddled next to a tobacco shop. But already in 1929, the owner of a small shop managed to register its own trademark, choosing the laconic name Durex. Despite this, for three long years the company sold contraceptives, albeit under a personal name, but still delivering them straight from Germany.

In 1932 it was decided to start their own full-fledged business. Then on the territory of Hackney in the UK earned the first factory of the brand. Initially, only liquid latex was used for “product number two”, which had some drawbacks.

Almost twenty years later, in 1950, the trademark owners created an open joint-stock company. Thanks to the advanced technologies of that time, the plant switched to fully automated production within a year. And by 1953, local engineers have learned to significantly simplify the process of quality control of barrier contraceptives. Thanks to this electronic testing as a mandatory component of the production chain.

Since then, even today, the company's developers are often among the leaders in introducing useful new products. It’s not for nothing that their line of offers is replenished on a regular basis with collections of Classic, Elite, Long, Real. And the first step towards a rapidly changing future was the release of the first lubricated condom.

1969 pleased all those who were waiting for the release of condoms, which would completely repeat the anatomical features of the genitals. And five years later, the world saw condoms Avanti, which went down in history as the first male condom, which was created using polyurethane. Its main advantage was the lack of a characteristic "rubber" smell.

Despite the relatively long downtime associated with the decline of the "sexual revolution", after a decade the demand for products went up again. This is explained by the fact that society has become more aware of the issues of contracting AIDS and HIV infection. Due to this, protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections has become more accessible. In order to attract new consumers, the engineers of the plant launched a collection of intimate “shields” of different colors and with different flavors in 1995. The new versions included not only spermicidal species, but also could please with purple color, aromas of cherry, strawberry. Even today, the flavors of Cherry and Strawberry, which are included in the series for gels, are actively used for oral intercourse.

In order to become closer to their customers, as well as to provide the most complete information on existing products and to advertise news from the first mouth, experts launched their own official website in 1996. So people could learn more about the offers Extra, Feel, Live, Safe, Naturals, Pleasuremax, and not long to stand under the window of the pharmacy, deciding what condoms should buy today.

A special year for the company was 1997, when Avanti was presented to the general public, positioning the best non-latex solutions from material that does not cause allergies in both partners. The advantages are that synthetic polyurethane, from which even ultra-thin XXL format models are now created, includes two more points:

  • increased softness;
  • pleasant elasticity.

The consumer only needs to figure out how to choose the most optimal option for himself: Magic Box, Sensitive, or combine intimate pastime with a vibrating ring, understanding how to use a purchase. To simplify the task, the manufacturer of vibrations and lubricants in each package contains instructions on how to use the purchase, with a detailed description. Also on the pack you can find information about the expiration date.

Not only classic condoms

Today, the varieties of condoms from Durex diverge nearly billions in circulation, being made in 17 factories scattered around the world. Delight supplies for anal lubricants, vibrators, and stimulants for massage are sold in almost four dozen countries. And this is about a quarter of the total world market of intimate things. After a century, the company managed to consolidate its status as a successful manufacturer, becoming the brand of the most popular versions of barrier protection in the UK.

Various packaging configurations such as sorting by 12 pieces contributed to this, as well as the ability to select the required dimensions without fearing that the minimum thickness of thin variations of Thin would suddenly break.

Today's product range offers nearly a hundred different condom modifications, which differ not only in tastes, but also in other characteristics. The most popular among them are called:

  • Classic;
  • Fruity Mixed.

But this does not mean that other solutions marked Non latex are not worthy of attention. Due to the fact that the composition of the “rubber product number two” is completely safe, condoms of the world famous brand are used even for intimate games with a massager. Classic ribbed models are suitable for conservatives, and experimenters will like the box of ultrathin analogs with a large size.

Those who are used to slowing down, speeding up, or keeping the intimacy process under control will enjoy the range of different water-based gels. Not everyone understands why such specific assistance is needed, but usually, for women, such pleasant-smelling “helpers” are additional means for creating the right mood.

An innovative approach has allowed us to develop methods for enhancing women's and men's pleasure, incorporating advanced technologies into the daily sex life of partners.

To add color in the bed, developers suggest using suggestions with anesthetic, different smells, and also effects:

  • Heat with warming effect;
  • Aloe, where aloe vera acts as a lubricant with a soothing spectrum of action;
  • Lubricants with ylang-ylang, the use of which involves the use as massage oil;
  • Stimulating, made possible by the use of guarana.

Separately, the line offers a special gel that is designed specifically for women who want to achieve peak enjoyment. Detailed instructions for use for intimate areas attached to the container.

There is among the proposals and vibrating ring, which is also called the Pleasure ring Flames.

Key features of production

Durex, even after the brand was acquired by another company along with the Scholl foot care brand, did not lose its popularity.

Due to the fact that products manufactured since the thirties of the last century, has earned a reputation as a reliable assistant in love affairs, it is still trusted by buyers from around the world. And after the experts launched a series of polyurethane for those who have an allergic reaction to latex, the problems with the fact that the condom breaks are gone.

To avoid the risks of purchasing defective products that are banned from sale, you should carefully select your future purchase, referring to the current range. So it turns out to exclude the possibility of buying a fake, produced under the company logo with the collections of Vibe, Tringle, Ultra, Ultima, Hug close, Performa, Comfort, Easy.

Control of the production process

Regardless of whether the client bought cheap just a pack of condoms with ribs, or a whole set, he can be sure of the quality of the contents of the box. But this is only provided that Ambassador, Devil, Glide, Ribbed, Warming, Rubber are the original representatives of the brand.

Each batch is carefully tested during the factory testing phase of electronics. For the purity of the experiment, the samples of each batch are additionally inflated with air in order to check the level of strength, and not just match the width with the length.

According to approved international standards, each such product must withstand up to 18 liters of air. But the developers of the British company went further, further enhancing the strength of their products. Now they hold almost forty liters of air, while remaining completely intact.

The second test includes a water test. This is necessary to ensure that the specific barrier nozzle does not leak. So that customers do not worry about their own security, Durex technologists spend over two million such experiments every month.

The final stage includes dermatological control. Only after passing through all these three points will the product be allowed for subsequent delivery to the point of sale. Moreover, when at least one defective specimen is found, the entire batch, which sometimes includes 400 thousand units, will be left within the plant.

Youth Education and Other Merits

Besides the fact that the company adheres to the path of ideal service for dear clients, they also don’t stint on sponsoring case studies and follow the variability of the market for safer sex products.

Information comes directly from the Ministries of Health of each country, partner clinics, from teams of researchers at scientific universities and academies with their own laboratory facilities. Consultations from leading experts in the field of sexual development are also helping to expand the current range.

So, in 2002, the company was noted as a structure that promotes the idea of ​​gender equality in India and Brazil. For this, the brand became a member of the H Program, which at that time was a previously unprecedented innovative social strategy.

And in 2005, the experts of the brand decided to launch their own "Global research to study sexual behavior." His results later became the foundation for various scientific developments that today work for the benefit of mankind.

Representatives of the company did not pass over the issue of the growth of patients who became victims of AIDS. To do this, Durex handed over to the relevant organization in Vienna more than 200 thousand barrier contraceptives.

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