Parodontax is a trademark that manufactures specialized products for the care of the oral cavity. First of all, the brand's products are designed for people suffering from problems with gums, periodontal disease, inflammation, bleeding. The owner of the brand is the British company GlaxoSmithKline, which has a long history of formation and activity.

How did the brand Parodontax

The owner of the company, the firm GlaxoSmithKline (GlaxoSmithKline), belongs to well-known representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. The company's headquarters is located in the UK, where the first company appeared in the 18th century, which laid the foundation for the formation of GlaxoSmithKline Corporation.

The history of business development is the process of absorption and merger of large and small business projects. So, at the beginning of the 18th century in London, the Plough Court pharmacist store appeared. Initially, the outlet had a small range, including hygienic goods, but over time the owner went uphill. The business passed from father to son, and after a century and a half, in the second half of the 19th century, the owner of Plow Court opened its production and expanded the network of pharmacies. The company received the name Allen & Hanburys Ltd, and finally ceased to be a small family business.

In 1841, the pharmaceutical company John K Smith & Co was registered in Philadelphia, USA, and a year later in London - Beecham's Pills. All these enterprises will eventually merge and merge with each other. In 1875, the resulting company was first called Mahlon K Smith & Company, and later - Smith, Kline & Company.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the corporation grew intensively and expanded, buying and joining new brands and brands such as Eno's Propretiaries Ltd, International Clinical Laboratories Inc., Allergan, Macleans.

In the 90s of the 20th century, the corporation called SmithKline Beecham entered the world market third in terms of the production of medical products. In Europe, at that time, she held the championship on this indicator.

In parallel with these processes, the pharmaceutical company Glaxo Wellcome has developed. Its formation began in 1873 in New Zealand. Then a native of the UK, an enterprising businessman registered his company Joseph Nathan and Co. The company specialized in the production of milk powder in its own factory. Over time, the business merged with the company Burroughs Wellcome & company, and obtained the rights to its trademark Tabloid, which manufactured cough pills for the American market.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Joseph Nathan and Co registers the rights to its own trademark Glaxo, still engaged in the production of milk powder. Over time, the brand becomes an independent brand, gets the name Glaxo Laboratories Ltd, and buys out its “parent” Joseph Nathan and Co. Since 1978, Glaxo Laboratories Ltd has operated as a separate company until 1995. In 1995, a merger with Wellcome took place. The pharmaceutical company is named Glaxo Wellcome, and after five years, in 2000, it becomes one of the co-founders of GlaxoSmithKline, together with SmithKline Beecham.

Today, GlaxoSmithKline is the owner of several brands that produce medicines, oral care products, products for people who use dental prostheses, as well as skin medicines.

The trademark Parodontax was registered in the early 2000s, and since then, the brand’s products have gradually taken a strong position in the global market in the niche of medicinal products for the oral cavity.

Product Variety: What Parodontax Offers

Products brand is designed to care for the oral cavity. In assortment:

  • toothpastes;
  • toothbrushes;
  • mouthwashes.

At the same time, the products of the manufacturer, first of all, are intended for people with gum diseases. Healthy gums in a normal state usually do not bother their owner, do not bleed when cleaning. Therefore, the detection of traces of blood during brushing or flossing of the teeth can signal the presence of gum health problems. The danger of bleeding is that it usually accompanies inflammatory processes in tissues, which eventually cause unpleasant smell from the mouth, and can even cause tooth loss.

The Parodontax brand offers specially designed fluoride containing toothpastes, which are about 4 times more effective in fighting the causes of bleeding gums. Conducting clinical trials by GlaxoSmithKline laboratories confirmed that, subject to brushing the teeth twice a day, gum bleeding occurs in 7-8 out of 10 patients.

The brand also offers fluoride free pasta.

From the assortment of pastes, you can choose the products “Ultra Cleansing” for a more thorough removal of dental plaque, paste with fluorine and herbal extracts, which stops the bleeding of the gums and prevents the appearance of caries, classical paste without fluoride, whitening products, as well as extra fresh toothpaste for those who suffer from bad breath.
Parodontax pastes are designed for people over 12 years old. They can be used daily, but not more often than three times a day.

In addition to toothpastes, the company offers its customers toothbrushes designed in such a way as to maximally clean not only the surface of the teeth, but also the cheeks, tongue, and gums, while not injuring the delicate mucous surfaces of the mouth. In a series of brushes are presented two models:

  • Classic Extra Soft;
  • Classic soft toothbrush for sensitive gums.

Both brushes have a soft bristle that can fully remove plaque from all surfaces, as well as care for gums.

The new model of the Classic Extra Sof brush has a soft head with two-level bristles, due to which it more conveniently penetrates the interdental space. On the back of the brush head there is a tongue cleaner. In addition, the brush has a convenient handle shape.

The soft classic brush also has a soft small head that easily penetrates the hard-to-reach jawbones without injuring the inflamed gums.

For a complete oral care, the brand has also developed an alcohol-free mouthwash for the oral cavity. Combined with brushing your teeth, the rinse can remove 3-4 times more plaque than a simple tooth brushing.

The conditioner contains fluoride, which has a positive effect on the enamel, reducing the risk of caries.

For maximum effect, just 10 milliliters of liquid is enough - they rinse the mouth for 1 minute, immediately after brushing your teeth with toothpaste. After rinsing, it is not necessary to rinse the mouth with water. Children under 14 years old are not recommended to use this product.

Production technology and raw materials used

The Parodontax brand is owned by GlaxoSmithKline, therefore, all scientific developments, as well as the direct manufacture of goods under this brand name, are carried out at GlaxoSmithKline plants and factories. It is GSK that owns all the results of research, as well as scientific laboratories and material resources.

Division GSK - Konsyumer Helsker. He is in charge of the development of lists of products for the care of the oral cavity, as well as non-prescription drugs.

The company includes physicians, dentists, scientists, chemists, biologists, production workers - a total of about 13 thousand people. Altogether, 84 GlaxoSmithKline factories are founded in the world; they cover 36 countries of the world with their activities.

In addition, over the past 20 years, the leading research laboratories of the company, located in Spain, Belgium, the UK and the USA, have been opened.

The raw materials used in production processes are purchased from reliable suppliers, and has all the necessary control documents. The work does not use hazardous ingredients, as well as substances of dubious safety. Some products do not contain fluorine; there is no alcohol in the mouthwash. The pastes contain natural herbal extracts, useful minerals and salts.

It should be noted that the taste of Parodontax toothpastes is very specific precisely because of the presence in the composition of salts and minerals.

Requirements for compliance with quality standards and certification

GlaxoSmithKline has been on the market for less than 20 years and is working to maintain its reputation as one of the European leaders in the development of products for the mass consumer, including medical products. That is why Parodontax products undergo several stages of control during the entire production process, from the selection of raw materials to create products, to the creation of packaging and, in fact, the process of packaging goods.

Raw materials for toothpastes, rinses and brushes passes all kinds of necessary controls - microbiological, radiological, toxicological, and hypoallergenic control. Components that have not passed the test, are not accepted in the work.

Finished goods are required to be tested - scientific laboratories check the safety, non-toxicity of products, as well as the stability of their formulas, effectiveness.

Certification of Parodontax products is carried out in accordance with international requirements, as well as ISO standards - the International Organization for Standardization. In addition to external certification, brand products are subject to certification in each state where it is imported.

Brand position in the world: popularity and partnership

GlaxoSmithKline's Parodontax products encompass consumers in more than 100 states of the world. In fact, these dental products are one of the few means of narrow specialized action, aimed specifically at the treatment of gums. Since the product combines the high quality and price of the middle segment of products, it is increasingly being chosen by people with gum disease around the world.

Parodontax products are manufactured, including, in the production of GlaxoSmithKline subsidiaries located in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Canada, USA, Poland, Australia.

GSK cooperates with such pharmaceutical giants as AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, as well as with Dong-A Pharma, Johnson & Johnson corporations.

In addition, the firm is a member of the Association of European Businesses, the Code of Good Practice AIPM, and is a member of the International Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Scientific and research activities

As a component of the GlaxoSmithKline company, the Parodontax brand uses all the best practices and the results of the experiences of GSK scientists.

Over the past 18 years, the scientific work of five employees of the brand has won the Nobel Prize.

In addition, the company is engaged in educational and educational work aimed at distributing its goods, as well as at educating the population in the care of gums and teeth. The brand is engaged in patronage in the African continent, and its social activities extend to North and South America, Europe and Asia, and are aimed at improving the environmental situation and raising living standards.

Pharmacies where you can buy Parodontax products


The online pharmacy offers a wide range of toothpastes - with and without fluoride, cleansing, bleaching, as well as paste “Extra freshness”. In addition, there is a particularly soft toothbrush, and alcohol-free mouthwashes.


Various volumes of toothpastes (50 and 75 milliliters) are presented in the online pharmacy ZdravZon catalog. Here you can buy Parodontax toothpaste for gentle cleansing, toothpaste without fluoride, classic and refreshing, as well as an extra soft toothbrush.

Pharmacy 911

Buyers can choose in the assortment of the 911 pharmacy some types of toothpastes in the amount of 50 and 70 milliliters - the classic versions with and without fluoride, ultra cleansing paste, fresh breath breath, and a whitening paste option.

The Parodontax brand is a British brand that supplies its products to 120 countries. Thanks to these products, people around the world who suffer from gum disease, bleeding, inflammation, can get rid of problems with the health of the oral cavity, and avoid the likely loss of teeth due to periodontal disease.

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